Wednesday, January 28, 2009

TV is shaping up nicely

American Idol is back and this is the part where I don't mind watching it. My wife enjoys the actual singing more than anything else, but I'm all about the freak show. Sure, some of those people can sing, but it's so much better to watch the ones that prance onto their mark, full of over-confidence and brimming with attitude, just to screw up their big chance from the very first note. And it's no secret that Paula keeps getting weirder. They previewed that part where she jumped on Kara and pretended to kiss her, but I figured there would be some sort of set up to the whole thing. Instead, she just decided to jump and fake make-out with her. That was stranger than the nut jobs who come in to sing Over The Rainbow dressed up as the Statue of Liberty.

What I'm really excited about is the premier of Hell's Kitchen. I freaking love that show! Gordon Ramsey is just the right kind of obnoxious and unleashes on the ones that really deserve it. You say you can cook, but can barely make spaghetti? Look out! You brag about graduating from chef's school, but serve raw chicken? Better hide the knives! You're a customer who has to march up to the window and speak your mind in the middle of a dinner rush? Sit down, you DONKEY!!! Heh. Anyone who's worked with the public must have wanted to unleash on a customer at least once. If not, you're a saint and have accrued a lot more karma points than I.

Has anyone seen that show on The History Channel called Cities of the Underworld? It's all about the underground tunnels, chambers, sewers, and whatever else may be under cities all over the world. It sounds like it may be boring, but it's very cool. It also has potential for a damn good drinking game. Obviously, you drink every time the host says, "underground". The kicker is to drink every time you hear this one particular music track. They play it whenever they're cutting from a shot of a street, down through some dirt and then wind up with a shot of the underground (drink) location. If you've seen the show more than once, you'll know the music I mean. Some episodes use that same music three or four times. Even without the game, that's a very cool show. With the game, it's very cool and very blurry.

Heroes is dead to me. There's no going back. They messed up too many times. Bye-bye.

This is what happens without editors

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