Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Far away on the surface of a nondescript blue-green planet orbiting an insignificant yellow sun...

…there was a young man who read a wholly remarkable book called The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Yes, the whole radio series on CD finally arrived in my mailbox. There’s even a few episodes that I’d never heard before. As pumped as I am to get to the new (to me) stuff, I’ve got to listen to them in order. First, I don’t want to fast forward through any episode of such a life changing show. Reading / listening to Hitchhiker’s Guide inspired me to try and write a novel when I was in high school. And who would want to skip over something as glorious as the “Share & Enjoy” song? Second, I wouldn’t know what the hell is going on if I skipped to the final batch of episodes. One of the amazing things about the Guide is how vastly different each version is. They all stay pretty close from the destruction of earth through the trip to Magrathea, but they diverge greatly from there. The books, radio series, movie, even the old computer game and record shows (yes I said record…as in those waxy discs with grooves on them that play sound. I did listen to the Guide on there too) were all different. The beauty is that Douglas Adams made them that way. The man may be gone, but his stories live on. That’s the big dream for most writers.

In other news, Megan’s trying to get me to watch Superstars of Dance. I don’t know. Some of the dances are ok, but I miss the familiar hotties from Dancing with the Stars. Cheryl and Julianne fill out their little outfits nicely. Anna Trebunskaya looks great, but she looks like an ass kicker. She really fights those judges! And I know Edyta wears sparkly clothes like everyone else, but she just always looks naked. It must be some strange cloaking mechanism designed to distract and confuse the males watching the show. Anyway, (changing gears drastically) I get a kick out of the Chinese guy from Superstars. Thanks to him, I can now go to China and interact with the locals by looking down, pressing a button and saying, “Pa. . .ehht.” Anyone who’s seen the show knows what I’m talking about.

I’ve also been seeing commercials for Heroes. Ahhh, Heroes. A little while ago, I said I was through with this season, but might give the show another chance when they started a new story arc. You know what? That show’s already gotten about 5 strikes so it’s OUT. I cancelled the series recording for it on the ol’ DVR and it felt niiiiice. Now, when I see Heroes commercials, I feel relieved and lighter somehow. You know when you quit a job that you really hate and then you drive past the old building? Your soul just feels better because you don’t have to pull in there any more. That pretty much nails it.

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