Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The ticker has ticked its last tick

And yes, I did sit here at midnight to watch it count down to zero. It was actually pretty cool. For those of you new to the blog, the thing at the side of the screen that says "In Stores Now" used to be a countdown to the book's release date. I've been watching that thing tick all the way down from around 196 days or so. Now it's finally done ticking and Blood Blade is out in stores.

Tomorrow, I'll make the rounds to the local bookstores to see if I can find it. Hopefully, I'll spot it somewhere on day 1. I know sometimes stores don't put stuff on their shelves right away, so I won't get all anxious if it's not at every Borders or Barnes & Noble in town. When Megan and I head out to the stores, I know she'll want to take pictures of the displays or shelves where it does appear. She's excited to buy a copy with her credit card to see if the clerk notices. Heh. No matter how cool I'll try to act, I'm sure I'll succumb to the ol' "standing around until I can point the book out to someone and say 'I wrote that' " trick.

I read a blog review of Blood Blade earlier today and it wasn't bad. It said the book was "good in a guilty pleasure sort of way", which was pretty much where I was aiming. I enjoy guilty pleasures. After all, "pleasure" is right in the phrase. Webmaster Steve and I also put some last-minute tweaks to the main website, so that's good to go. Now, I've just got to sit back and wait to see what the readers think.

More waiting....great.

This is what happens without editors

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