Monday, January 12, 2009

The website is LIVE

Finally, after months of seeing a COMING SOON page at, the real website is up and running!! If you haven't gotten a look for yourself, go check it out. If you arrived at this blog through the new site, then never mind.

There'll still be a few hiccups on the site every now and then, but my Webmaster Steve (That's his new title) will iron them out quickly enough.

One feature on the site that should be cool is the appendix. I've split that into two parts. The first is called MEG Files and will be info about different Skinners shown throughout the series. The second is the Skinner Field Guide, which will outline the different breeds of werewolves, Mongrels, Nymar and other creatures shown in the books. I'll get those going after the first book has had a chance to make the rounds and will add to them periodically. Since I'll be the one writing all of this, the information will remain 100% accurate.

I'm very pumped about the site because I think it turned out great. Also, according to other various sites, it looks like Blood Blade has been selling some pre-order copies and that bodes well in general. All I can do now is cross my fingers and keep trying to spread the word. Before too long, I'll be making the convention rounds. That'll be fun.

This is what happens without editors

I'm Marcus Pelegrimas, author of the SKINNERS series. Here you'll find various ramblings about movies, video games, TV, and...oh yeah...those books I write. If there's anything you'd like to discuss, just let me know. I try to update whenever the mood strikes me, so feel free to leave comments. There may be some occasional foul language, but anyone who's too easily offended probably doesn't read my stuff anyway.

Free Stuff

Here's how it goes. As usual, I've got my truckload of promo covers from EOS Books. I'll be going to some conventions, so I hope to see you there and I'll gladly sign your books. If you can't make it to a con, just email me your name, address and any inscription so I can send you a signed cover.

BONUS ---> If you would be so kind as to write up a review for any or all Skinners books and publish it on a site like, Barnes & Noble, Borders, or any other major review site, I can send you something extra. I made up some bookmarks (which I'll sign) and I've even put together some Shimmy's VIP passes (which I'll also sign). Can't guarantee the passes will get you into a real strip club, but I think they look pretty cool. Send me a link to your review along with your name, address and inscription, and I'll get these out to you as well.