Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tick, tick, tock

The ticker on the side of the screen is almost down to zero. It's gotten to the point where nothing short of a time-space wormhole opening to emit a stream of party streamers can live up to all this buildup. Sure, it'll be great to go see Blood Blade on the shelves, but life won't switch over to some new flavor. If anything, it'll slowly change into something chocolate-minty (if I'm lucky).

I've been getting sicker over the last few days. Nothing too drastic, but just a growing itchy spot in my throat accompanied by a wad of mucus that's evolving into its own life form. That way, I should be nice and sick for the first Skinners signing. Of course I have to talk to someone bright and early tomorrow, which means I'll probably sound like a wino with a throat full of wet gravel.

I think my favorite new TV show so far is Lie to Me. I've liked Tim Roth in pretty much everything I've seen him in and this is no exception. It's refreshing to see something in the prime time mystery / thriller genre that hasn't been overdone, flipped over and done some more. This coming from the vampire and werewolf fan, right? Oh well.

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