Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Skinners isn't even out yet and the publicity machine is already rollin'. Yesterday, I did an online interview for Pop Syndicate. That's a great site with articles and reviews on everything from games and DVDs to movies and books. Pretty soon, it'll also have a sit-down with yours truly. I'll post a link to the interview once it's up. Hopefully, they cleaned it up so I don't sound like the rambling idiot I am. Heh.

Today, I got a call from USA Today. Yes, THE USA Today. It's a little piece for their Book Buzz section about Skinners and how I'm making my way in a genre dominated by women. That should be out this Thursday, so I'll post a link to that as well after it hits.

Apparently, the whole "man in a woman's genre" is going to be a big deal. I never really even thought about that until I was well into writing Skinners #2. I looked around at my own bookshelf and saw how most urban fantasy is written by women. Sure, there's Jim Butcher and a few others, but I suppose we are a minority in the vampire/werewolf category. I just never really thought about any gender issue. In the end, it all boils down to the stories, so I hope mine hold up. I'm also seeing Skinners pop up on lists of upcoming books or "stuff to look out for". I'm so pumped. It's getting really close!

If you gotta read an interview right now, don't forget the one at Popin's Lair. There's a link to that site under my link list at the side of this page. Don't mean to get all wrapped up in plugging my own crap, but I figured I'd hit it all in one big post.

In the normal life category, I picked up my BSG season 4 DVDs (dog tags and all). Also convinced Megan to buy a Fender bass replica for Rock Band. It's pretty cool, so I hope she'll let me try it out once or twice.

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