Thursday, January 22, 2009

The mind-blowing excitement that is a writer's life

Been playing through the first Gears of War with my wife. Megan is actually a damn good sniper! With TV just starting to come around again, we've been playing more games during the time we'd normally be plopped in front of the set. This is where I really don't see why non-gamers give us such a hard time for playing through a video game instead of engaging in "normal" activities like watching Momma's Boys or Flashpoint. I thought Flashpoint would just be some action cop show about a SWAT team. The commercials were filled with guys in black tactical gear kicking down doors and yelling, so I wasn't jumping to conclusions here. The episode I tuned in for was about a crazy woman who'd gotten some bad news and then promptly went off the deep end with a knife firmly in hand. At one point, she dropped the knife and was wrestling with her hostage and the cops STILL didn't bust down the door. Now, keep in mind, the cops were outside listening, watching through a window and poised at the door WITH A BATTERING RAM! All I'm saying is don't advertise an action show and then deliver half an hour of some lady's breakdown topped off by an armored tactical response to a garbled 911 call. My wife was nearby and thought I was watching a bad Lifetime movie.

Anyway, Gears. Yeah. Megan can snap off some great head shots while under fire. I was very impressed. She catches flack from her sisters about me turning her into a gamer, but it's just as productive as voting for the next American Idol. Granted, I'm watching the new season just for the train wreck auditions. Timeless television. I've also got high hopes for the new show, Lie to Me. That looks cool. Fringe is back with new episodes. BSG is back. I nearly stopped recording CSI once Grissom left, but Laurence Fishburne is doing a great job so I'll keep the "Series Record" option on the DVR in tact. We also just got the second disc in the BBC Jeckyl series from Netflix, so we've got some good "normal" stuff to keep our eyes busy.

That's it for today's rambling. Back to work....

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